Is C60 Good For You?

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In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the health effects of fullerenes, particularly the fullerenes known as carbon 60 (C60).

In this article, you will understand if C60 is good for you and learn more about current research on C60 and its possible health effects. 

Why Is C60 Good For Your Health  As An Antioxidant?

C60 is the most common fullerene, made up of 60 carbon atoms that form a structure that looks like a hollow soccer ball.

Due to the way these atoms bond with each other, C60 interacts with free radicals in the environment, giving the molecule strong antioxidant properties.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, antioxidants in foods like fruits and vegetables can reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Oxidative stress is believed to play a role in aging, as well as a number of health conditions, including:

  • Neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease
  • Cancer
  • heart disease
  • diabetes

Because it has antioxidant properties, some people take C60 as a supplement. For this reason, it is also included in some anti-aging skincare products.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays generate reactive oxygen species, which can cause a variety of biological effects on human skin cells, resulting in cosmetic skin damage, such as pigmentation. Antioxidants have been reported to inhibit the progression of UV-induced skin damage. Fullerene, an allotrope of carbon, is characterized as an antioxidant and is said to react with several reactive chemical species, such as free radicals. 

Characteristics Of Fullerene


Fullerene exhibits the following three key antioxidant characteristics:

  • Strong antioxidant activity

The antioxidant strength of fullerene, due to its suppression of reactive oxygen species generation, is 250 times that of vitamin C.

  • Long-lasting efficacy

The antioxidant effects are maintained for at least 11 hours. If fullerenes are administered locally in the morning, the anti-aging treatment continues into the evening.

  • Stable to UV rays

Ingredients that possess high antioxidant activity are generally sensitive to UV rays. Fullerene, however,

maintains its antioxidant activity even under ultraviolet rays.

Is C60 toxic and natural?

Research has clearly shown that uncontaminated C60 has no acute or subacute toxicity in many living organisms, from bacteria, fungi, rats, and to humans.  C60 is not found naturally in any food; It must be created in a laboratory using specialized equipment. There may be some products with C60 added. These would be considered supplements rather than food. You can visit our product page to check out our vitamin C60.

Research On The Relationship Between C60 And Health

Although C60 was isolated several decades ago, research on the molecule's effects on human health is still in its infancy. Most of the studies have been done in cells or animals, and only a few have been done in humans. 

Below summarizes the current state of the C60 research in seven areas of health and wellness. 

  • Skincare 

A 2010 randomized, placebo-controlled study examined the use of a skin cream containing C60 in 23 Japanese women and the effect on wrinkles and rough skin.

In a small study from 2011, researchers investigated the effects of a face gel containing C60 on acne.

Studies in mice also looked at the ability of C60-containing solutions to block the effects of ultraviolet radiation and promote hair growth when applied to the skin.

  • Inflammatory Conditions 

In 2019, Trustworthy Source research examined the effects of a C60 derivative on joint damage and inflammation in arthritic rats.

A 2016 study explored the ability of a C60 compound to regulate inflammation in a mouse model of eczema.

  • Cognitive function 

Rat models of amyloidosis and Alzheimer's disease were used to examine the effects of C60, transmitted directly to the brain, on learning, memory, and cognitive function.

  • Cancer Treatment Effects

 Studies explored the effects of C60 derivatives on tumor growth, metastasis, and survival in mice and rats.

A 2020 study looked at the ability of C60 to protect against lung damage in mice treated with bleomycin, an anticancer drug.

  • Muscle Fatigue 

A 2017 study explored the effects of C60 on muscle fatigue and endurance in rats.

  • Aging 

Researchers in 2012 and 2020 examined C60's ability to influence lifespan in rats.

  • Diabetes

Studies in rat models of diabetes have examined C60's ability to prevent neuronal and kidney damage resulting from hyperglycemia. In a 2020 study, researchers explored whether C60 affected the gut microbiome and how it affected insulin resistance.

From all the above research work carried out, it is undeniable that C60 is one of the best product every household should have, its importance can never be underestimated.

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